Selected Signed Prints

NOTE: These prints are unmounted. Prints larger than 8" x 10" are normally delivered on a 13" x 19" sheet of thick 10 mil photo paper unless a request is made to cut the paper to a specific size. Paper choices are Semi-Glossy or Glossy.

DELIVERY: Most deliveries should take less than two weeks, but please allow two to four weeks for delivery. If a rush delivery is required, or you have questions about delivery status please contact me.

Deep Sky Series

M31 - "The Andromeda Galaxy"

    13" x 19" Signed Semi-Glossy Print - $60
    Item Number: WPG04-001S-1319

    13" x 19" Signed Glossy Print - $60
    Item Number: WPG04-001G-1319

Comments from those who have purchased this print:
"I got rave reviews of your Andromeda photo at work today. I just love to look at it and let my imagination run wild." ~ Maxine Nagel

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