Education:  I was born in Seattle in 1961 and have been living in western Washington ever since. I developed a passion for wilderness adventures when, as a child, I started backpacking in the Mount Rainier National Park. In High School, I developed a keen interest in photography and computer graphics. These interests motivated me, at the University of Washington, to study earth sciences and to earn degrees in Physics and Astronomy. Soon there after I began flying, and earned my Commercial and Instrument pilot rating.

    My interests in computers has evolved into a career as a VAR who directs OEM manufacturing, web design, hosting, and server configuration, programming, and provides consultation and training for broadcast and multimedia information systems.

Photographic Work Summary:  Since 1977 my photography has been sold primarily to advertisers, individuals, graphic art designers, and universities, with limited exposure in art shows, and small galleries. Until I created this Web site and my original photography site (, I have generally not made my work available for sale to the public. The prompting of friends, and the advice of a few art designers and artists inspired me to make my work more available. Hence, the creation of and

Links To Other Areas Of Interest:

SCUBA Diving - My favorite place for diving is Palua. I am certified PADI but check out the NAUI site.

Flying - I hope to build a float plane someday. Here is the link to AOPA. (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association).

Backpacking - I have been fortunate to have lived in Washington State for my whole life, and have hiked thousands of miles in the wilderness here. A good resource for planning a backpacking trip here is the Washington Trails Association.

Skiing - Crystal Mountain is my favorite local ski area. Here is a link to the Crystal Mountain Resort.

Golf - A few of years ago I started playing golf on a semi-regular basis and joined the Willow Run Golf Club. Here is a link to the USGA.

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